This month we are featuring Eric Stuckert, our Operations Manager for the Cleveland and Toledo offices. Eric has been with Citywide Solutions for 4 years and his hard work is key to our success! 

Eric was the first technician at the Mentor office when Citywide Solutions expanded 4 years ago. He’s worked his way up through the company to become the Cleveland Operations Manager and a great leader within the company. 

He was born and raised in Mentor, Ohio and attended Lake Catholic High School, same as Citywide owners Mike Tominc and Marty Loncar (although he claims to be younger, and cooler!).

Father of 2 beautiful children and happily married to Megan, Eric’s work life has been filled with different experiences. From Bartender to DirecTV Specialized Installation Technician, he excels in customer service and technical skills.

“I was completely new to the parking, security and camera world when I started working here, but I was a great troubleshooter and learned to work on the fly with all the equipment that we still install today. Citywide Solutions has created a special company culture, I love working for Marty and Mike…They took me in as family 4 years ago and I have not looked back since!”

Eric is a great communicator and his customer service motto is to always go above and beyond. He says bartending not only helped develop his people’s skills but also taught him how to multitask.

At Citywide, he wears multiple hats and handles the relations for Toledo and Cleveland daily. He handles shipping and receiving, all repairs and RMAs, as well as all the install and service tickets for both offices.

“The main thing I do is to make sure the techs know where they are going next and what’s coming as far as installs and service. At the end of the day, they are the ones on the field making this great company happen every day. We would be nothing without each and everyone of them. I just try to lead and set them up for success on every job.”

At Citywide, the clientele goes from residential single family homes to renowned commercial and industrial companies. Eric deals with people in both ends of the spectrum and treats everyone with the same respect and consideration.

“We preach communication and quality work, no matter how big or small the project is. We provide a customized experience for all of our clients and try to build long term relationships with each and everyone of them.”